The renovation of a small condominium.
This residence has no doors. The gable-shaped openings in the walls lead to 7 small rooms around the central living space. 7 rooms – consisting of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, closet, entrance and sunroom - are recognized beyond its pragmatic functions, creating more abstract spatial relationships. This geometric composition generates a sense of various depths that feels more acute than reality. On the other hand, fabrics in 7 different colors that subtly separate each other characterize rooms.

To counter the constraints of the uneasy shape of the room and 2 big cross beams, this project aims to create the feeling to extend the floor far beyond its threshold.



The hexiagonal table is designed to help the user’s easy positioning to do different things at the same time. It also serves fluid circutation in a small space as table top does not have right angle corner. It certainly harmonizes well with the space character.

(Photography : Kai Nakamura)

In collaboration with : 
Textile design : Yoko Ando Design (Yoko Ando)

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