Gallery in Karatsu

This is the private gallery of a ceramic artist in Karatsu, Saga, Kyushu, Japan. The artist's 150-year-old birthplace, the residence of his predecessors, was renovated and reborn as a place to present the current state of Karatsu ware, focusing on the works of three successive generations.

In this renovation, we tried to create a new spatial structure with the following five rebirths as the framework.
1, Reborn: To breathe new life into the space
2, Reserve: To reevaluate the existing valuable things and leave them in a different form.
3, Respect: To learn from the traditional techniques of Karatsu ware and apply local architectural techniques.
4, Remember: To leave a cultural and climatic footprint that remembers this place.
5, Relay: To make the connection between the old and the new visible in the space.

The exhibition space is divided into five sections, each of which is designed differently so that visitors can confront the works in various ways, such as looking at them, staring at them, touching them, and feeling them with their five senses. Starting with Room 1, where visitors can get a bird's eye view of the history of Karatsu-yaki, the flow of the exhibition is deepened by moving on to Room 3 (tatami room), where visitors can experience Karatsu-yaki firsthand through tea ceremonies and meals, and Room 5 (storehouse), which is filled with the aura of the 400-year-old Tarouemon kiln.

It is significant that the house, which was once a place for socializing limited to family members, has been transformed into a place of openness and a new space for cultural exchange. This is not only for the purpose of passing on tradition, but also for the purpose of making valuable assets common property of society.


①   Reborn:新しい命を吹き込むこと
②   Reserve:既存の価値あるものを再評価し別の形で残すこと
③   Respect:唐津焼の伝統技術に習い、地場の建築技術を応用すること
④   Remember:この場所を記憶に留める文化や風土の足跡を残すこと
⑤   Relay:新旧の繋がりが空間に可視化されること