9 Chiar




Yakushima Island is a special natural treasure of Japan and also registered as a World Heritage since 1993. About 80% of the island is cultivated with local cedar trees. However, the rich resources of cedar wood are not widely distributed in Japan, are exported to China and Taiwan as chips (for fuel). As part of a program to reevaluate the quality of domestic lumber and also to make effective use of Yakushima's resources, I participated in the launch of the "Architect's Chair Exhibition", which will tour Tokyo in 2019 and Osaka in 2020, with the aim of merchandising the product.

Due to the requirement that the chair be made only of 9mm plywood, we came up with a structure that would support our weight with this thickness, which is too thin for a chair. Because of the thin material, we thought it would be possible to reduce the weight, and we achieved an amazingly light weight of 1.8kg. It is also stackable for easy storage.

The name "9 Chair" is a tribute to Jacobsen's masterpiece chairs, the 7 and 8 chairs.