>Good Design Award 2017 受賞
This is the three-story house project in the small property located in Tokyo. The land is narrow and long at the crossing of 3 roads, one of which is almost 300m long in front. We try to take this unique character into the house. The steel made frames which have 3.7m wide and 3.0m high are arranged in rows and are stacked up to 3 stories. These frames are exposed as interior finish with the timber board flush with the column & beam, suggesting the Japanese traditional timber frame structure called “Shinkabe”. The one volume is separated into small rooms by invisible partitions derived from the structural frame lines. This enables more flexible planning. The house gives the dynamic experience in the urban context as well as holds the human scale we have been perceived.

Photography : Hiroyasu Sakaguchi, aaat

>Good Design Award 2017