Endless cave dwelling



This is a renovation of an apartment in the town center. Our goal was to convert a 100m2 3LDK ordinary layout into the continuous space where three members of the family could find their favorite area and spend each time as they wanted without individual rooms.

The floor plan of a typical condominium was fundamentally revised, with private rooms on the left and right across the central hallway from the entrance, and an LDK at the end of the hallway. We eliminated the central hallway and placed a core in the center that brought together the bathroom, toilet, and storage. On the outside of this unified core, a spacious entrance leads directly to the living room, continues through the adjoining dining-kitchen to a windowed study, and then returns to the entrance. The core has rounded corners and is entirely made of wood, giving it the presence of a giant tree trunk. Due to its size, the space is continuous but not completely visible, allowing sound and light to circulate around the space, creating a daisy chain of spaces with various qualities. The floor is made of linoleum, the walls are made of clay, and the core and furniture are finished with wood. By unifying the interior with organic materials in earth tones, we created an environment that echoes the rich nature that can be seen from the terrace.

玄関ホール Entrance Hall

リビング Living Room
キッチンとコア Kitchen and Core
照明 Lighting

キッチンカウンター Kitchen Counter

キッチンから書斎を望む View the study from the kitchen

窓際の書斎 Study by the window

コアの曲がり角 Round corner around the core

コア内部1(洗面室) Inside the core1(Washroom)

コア内部2(収納) Inside the core1(Storage)

衣装室 Walk-in-closet

主寝室 Master bedroom

(Photography : Aaat)