This house in the suburbs of Tokyo is surrounded by full of nature such as vegetable fields, flower gardens and a symbolic tree. It is designed to create different kinds of spatial quality as well as to attend to the immediate natural context in one small cube.

The square plan is divided into 4 different rooms by the de-centralized cross. This slightly differentiates 4 rooms in surface area, proportion, material etc. 2 of 4 rooms, diagonally positioned, have 2 story-high volumes with sloping ceiling and the others have 2 floors. This spatial composition creates a dramatic transition from any room to the next in scale, natural light condition and impression of the room.

The pointed roof is slightly shifted from the center, reflected in the planning. This engenders diverse visual impacts from different angles to break a monotonous appearance in the open field. The exterior is clad by the earth-colored metal on the walls as well as on the roof to easily blend with the surrounding landscape by taking long time.

(Photography : Kai Nakamura)
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