This residence is designed by the themes of natural light, sound and green in an urban living environment. The project explores a unique housing typology that offers comfort in the hard context of Japanese cities along the railway.
Most sunlight enters the residence from the sky. The 3 stories are stacked and are sticking-out and setback in places to create triangular openings above. Changes in the natural light from the sky (depending on orientation or time), are reflected in the interior of the residence where the light ranges in brightness from gentle shifts to brilliant diagonal rays.
The site is located in front of 6 railway lines that have heavy traffic all the time. Thus the house is exposed to endless train noises and is overlooked by the passengers. In order to isolate these undesirable conditions, massive white walls enclose the house. These walls function as not only acoustic protection, providing a quiet interior, but also form a load-bearing structure that achieves a column-less space inside.
There is a courtyard surrounded by walls to form a green well on each level where the light comes in, the wind flows and the rain drops. Greening these wells cultivates a natural condition in the living space and enhances seasonal changes. Rich vegetation will appear on the facade from the edge of the wall once the plants fully grow in years to come.   


(Photography : Hiroyasu Sakaguchi)
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