A house in Tokyo. For the owner, who runs a cooking school, the house needed to be a place of comfort to spend time with her family, but also a place of hospitality to invite various guests. The dining kitchen is at the heart of the house, and all the spaces are gently connected while maintaining their independence.

The middle floor is a wide-spanned column-less space, with large openings that open up the entire elevation on the north and the south, and other structural challenges were taken on throughout. In this way, a fluid space from north to south was created on all floors, and the center of the house became a place where various internal and external environments meet, such as light, wind, and the laughter.

The house stands on the northwest corner. The main approach is on the north side, and the three-story atrium porch serves as a gateway to welcome visitors in a dynamic yet intimate scale. In contrast, the south side of the house is connected to the green terrace through an interior atrium and large windows, creating a bright and open contrast to the outside.

(Photography : Kai Nakamura)